Glass is the most popular choice when it comes to water pipes. We always carry a large selection of brands and styles. Glass water pipes are easy to clean, beautiful, and fun to use. Our selection includes: HOSS, Redeye, Redeye Tek, GEAR, CHEECH, OG Original, Nice Glass, LIT, Cheech and Chong, and ROOR. We also have a lot of Soft Glass water pipes in stock.


Somewhat new on the scene are the Silicone water pipes. Completely bendable, unbreakable, and easily cleanable with just warm water and dish soap. A silicone piece could just be the last piece you ever need to buy. No need to worry about the silicone adding any bad taste, as all the silicone is high quality and medical grade.


When glass and silicone just won’t do, a plastic water pipe can be perfect. For the person on the go, or someone quite accident prone, there’s no way you can go wrong with a plastic water pipe. We have a large selection of LIT plastic, from 10” to 18” available.