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18twelve – 8 Ball Kush – 3.5g

8 Ball Kush, a heavy-hitting pure indica, is a crossing of classic kush genetics that delivers an earthy profile with

48North – Green Crush – 3.5g

Just like your morning coffee… minus the caffeine rush, Green Crush will perk up your taste buds with its tangy,

7ACRES – Craft Collective : Ice Cream Cake – 3.5g

Ice Cream Cake was selected by 7ACRES Craft Collective for its indulgent aromatic profile, high THC and beautiful large buds.

7ACRES – Jack Haze – 3.5g

Sativa-dominant and very high in THC potency potential, this 7ACRES strain has a sweet citrus aroma.

7ACRES – Sensi Star – 3.5g

Sensi Star is an indica-dominant hybrid of Dutch origins with very strong THC potency and a complex aroma of lemon,

7ACRES – White Widow – 3.5g

White Widow from 7ACRES is a hybrid strain with sweet and woody aromas, and strong THC potency.

Aurora – MK Ultra – 7g

MK Ultra is a high-THC indica strain featuring dense, orange-tinged buds and strong, earthy flavour notes of citrus and spice.

Back Forty – Pine Kush – 3.5g

With a strong pinene terpene profile (0.41%), this dried flower has strong taste of earthy pine with a hint of woody

BINGO – Indica! – 15g

Simple, sticky and superb — there’s nothing like cracking open a bag of INDICA! and taking that first whiff.

BINGO – Sativa! – 15g

Tap into the lighter side and enjoy the everyday with SATIVA!

BINGO – Sativa! – 28g

Tap into the lighter side and enjoy the everyday with SATIVA!

BLK MKT – Cherry Punch – 3.5g

This unique strain offers a musky, berry aroma with an earthy flavour and a soft and sweet berry finish.